There are worse things than weird

Weirdest macs of all time?

I actually owned a Mac XL. It showed that if you put a hard drive on a mac it just might be the future. Because as I learned early and have never forgotten, speed is an essential ingredient in ease of use.

The “collector” (hoarder) in me wants to own one of all of these except #1. That one is just too ugly.

Missing from this list, imho, is the Macintosh Portable. Quickly forgotten when Apple hit the design home run of the original PowerBooks. Yes Apple did a few great things while Steve Jobs was not there… two decades later the modern laptop still is still a recognizable descendant of the PowerBook, which is quite a run. (Yes, I checked. ThinkPad shipped a year later.)

But weird macs are okay. What was tragic was the endless proliferation of undistinguished beige box models in the 90s. “Macintosh Performa 9208*” There are worse things than weird. In fact, maybe with Apple’s iPhone and iPad home runs, we should hope Apple just might be a little bit weird again?

* probably not a real model number. But who cares–they’re all a bad memory from dark times.


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