iOS 6 Mapping: A Guess and a Clear Observation

The Guess

Apple dropped using google data for the long term health of mapping on iOS. Control of map data was a strategic asset that google would use/was using to differentiate Android and disadvantage iOS. And it would only get worse… every data request to google map data is more information to improve google map data. So Apple felt it had to bite the bullet and launch a product without the benefit of 100s of millions of users improving it for years… in order to insure its users would have a first class solution with that exposure to real world usage. No way around it.

The Clear Observation

Since google mapping was completely available on iOS 6 by loading it into Safari (and yes you can create an icon for it on the home screen), all this controversy seems to say something about the importance of apps vs. the mobile web.

But, of course, the HTML5 mobile web is the One. True. Future. Of course.


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