Mobile Mobile Mobile…

MG Siegler, in which he first uses the word “mobile” like an 8 year old to make his point.

The value in the desktop web is increasingly an illusion. Given the rate at which these mobile devices are improving, a plunge is rapidly approaching.

Don’t build an app based on your website. Build the app that acts as if websites never existed in the first place.

Before i was an IOS developer, I wrote for desktop platforms. Software you installed on your hard drive and not only didn’t require a net connection… it didn’t use a browser. Ask your Dad or a high-end gaming geek.

I had good reasons not to embrace the web as a developer. I used it, but come on, serious software was always going to run locally so it could scream. I couldn’t have been more wrong and these days I’m having to spend time away from my true love (iOS) to remedy the shame of having a hosted web site. And web guys are still on top of the world right now.

But just as the web was once the new Microsoft Windows, it is now the old Microsoft Windows. Yesterday’s platform, and mostly today’s platform. But not tomorrow’s. It’s kind of amusing watching history repeat itself, watching the web guys see mobile the way we desktop guys saw the web.

The mobile future, however, is not making mobile work like the web any more than the web was about making it work like Windows (Microsoft definitely tried.) It will be the primary platform (and yes, there may be more than one OS.) Design with a clean sheet of paper. Use the best tools. Bring your A game.

And if you don’t have a great native iOS app, not to worry. Somebody else will.

If there was any web entity with enough power to impose its will on mobile it was facebook. Instead they made a 180 degree turn, embraced native, and spent a billion dollars for Instagram.

Few companies will be able to spend a billion to buy the app they should have built. Users will simply find the apps that feel right.


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